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Are there any difficult events in your past that made you a stronger person today? If you could go back and erase them, would you?

yes! alot of difficult events in my life made me stronger. like my school yrs weren't great...actually bad at times, deaths in my family including my dad when i was 16, other stuff that made me stronger and the person i am today. what doesn't kill ya does make u stronger is a quote i strongly believe in!! im much different then i was growing up, and erasing them, well maybe. but struggles and difficult times are all through life at times. i think u can learn and grow from them. cause if not it will destroy you... and thats not an option!

How I Fight Cabin Fever on Snow Days

i love when we get snow, even tho shoveling is a pain. but its great when its snowing hard and staying in all warm with hot chocolate or coffee watching tv/movies or with the internet! anything that fits my mood really... maybe listen to music or gaming on my ps2.

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Spider on our ceiling

.....scream and run far far away! then get someone to kill it!!

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id go to japan! never been there but have wanted to for a long time!! tokyo, kyoto, okinawa, etc.... wow be great if that was possible!!

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1 Piece Of Technology I Can't Live Without

damn its hard thinking of just one! i think tho it would have to be my cable box cause it has everyhing i love..... so many channels, TCM & most importantly my dvr!! the model above is what i have.

i know it may sound funny i dont say my computer. i mean i am a web addict. and yes it does hurt when i lose access to the web whenever my modem 4gets what its supposed it do (god thing its not often lol). but i can live without the internet. may sound funny but i had cable since i can remember and i grew up in the 80s so i didn't grow up with a computer in my house like it is in todays world.

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4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Week

Christmas, holiday meal, presents, holiday movies

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My Favorite Childhood Movie

i had a lot of favorite movies to think of....was hard to choose. but i kept comin back to that candy factory lol!! from the beginning with that chocolate and when they run amok in that garden of candy...i mean whats not to love seeing that as a kid!! lol. i still love it!

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Would I Want To Live Forever?

maybe, but it all depends on the following: will i just keep aging forever and become a raisin so old i cant move and live, or will i stay young healthy and full of life to enjoy living forever. BUT at the same time living forever and having friends and family die off and ur all alone is something to think bout too :( so....maybe not

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i would never become a vegetarian! i'm a meat lover and will always be! i dont really eat veggies.only veggies i really eat are potatoes, peas, celery, carrots, tomatoes. but the celery and carrots i never eat raw like some ppl do, those i only eat in stew or soup. as for tomatoes, thin sliced and sun-dried tomatoes are the best. by that answer tho its sounds that im a picky eater but im not. its really how the ingredients are prepared that matters to me. but i would never ever give up meat!! im a meat and potatoes kinda gal!

i dont eat like a rabbit! lol

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Lolcats - i cant get enough!!

i LOVE cats!!! i do love all animals but im a cat person. i love looking at cats/kitty pics they're so cute and lolcats make my day :D u just cant help but laugh!

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Latest Month

March 2011

quick thoughts/status

heres a quick thought for ya: loading time on this site SUCKS EGGS!!!

which is y i haven't been on here much. its so annoying waiting for it to load up anywhere on the site!!


i been here for a yr and its the loading that keeps me away. and its such a shame cause i really like this site!!


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